How chemical resistance is the Set In Skirting? (Q100 50 2 Si – colour black)

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    We have had the below response from our materiel supplier:

    “It is not easy to give a definitive answer on the chemical resistance of the material used in Set In Skirting  Black at 20°C as there is very limited data available. The coving compound may well discolour under attack but it is unlikely to be severely affected by splashes from the chemicals listed below from the reference data that we have access to, but this does depend on how long it has been exposed for. I have categorised the listed chemicals below into “good & fair”. The above does need to be considered as general observation and should only be used as a guide.
    In all cases, we recommend that any substances in question should be tested to ensure they are compatible with the product produced and remain fit for purpose under the environment to which they are exposed.

    Fluoroboric acid 50% good
    Hydrochloric acid 37% good
    Nitric acid 70% fair
    Phosphoric acid 85% fair

    For more information about chemical resistance call the office on 0161 627 4222 or email [email protected].

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