I’m fitting a window, what cavity closer should I use?

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    Firstly, if you are fitting a window make sure you use a Dacatie cavity closer.

    New / Self build

    If you are building a house use one of our frame formers which can be fabricated before site, delivered to site and used as a guide to build the brick work around. A frame former is a simple solution, which allows for building regulations to be met. Click here for more information on Frame Formers.


    If you are refitting new windows and you need to either replace a cavity closer or add one for the first time use a fire rated cavity closer for peace of mind. The XFR2000 is the highest spec cavity closer on the market for extra peace of mind. Click here for more information of fire rated cavity closers.

    Product Selector Phone App

    For more help Dacatie have a free to use app which has a simple product selector on it to help pick the correct product for the job.  You can download this app from the both the ITunes App Store and the Android App Store. All you need to do is search for ‘Dacatie’ in either store.

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