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    Treadsteps are made from a rubber composite designed to offer a hard-wearing and highly slip-resistant finish for stairs. Often used externally in such locations as car parks, the steps outside public buildings and historic sites. Treadsteps can be used as a complete stair covering or as a stair nosing. There are two ways of fitting Treadsteps:

    Cast in to step: Set into each step of a staircase when the staircase is being cast, usually in terrazzo or concrete. When the staircase is ‘set’ and out of the mould the tread surface should be level with the step, as not to course a trip hazard.

    Rebate in to step: A channel is routed out of the step, usually in a timber staircase, however, possible with terrazzo or concrete. The Treadstep strip is inserted and adhered with a proprietary epoxy adhesive. Check with adhesive manufacturers for the recommended adhesive – Treadsteps are rubber based.

    The above two ways of fitting applies to all four types of Treadstep that Quantum Flooring Solutions have available. The Treadsteps that are available are all listed below:

    Square Front Treadstep
    (Click on the heading for more information)

    Dovetail Treadstep
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    Pencil Treadstep
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    Rounded Treadstep
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    for more information click here.

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