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    In order to join two floor coverings together you need some form of transition flooring profile. Quantum Flooring Solutions offer a range of flooring profiles to join two floor coverings together. Joins in fitted floor coverings need finishing and protecting in order to prevent the edges from damage or fraying and becoming a trip safety risk.

    In order to select the correct type of joint you need to consider firstly, the heights of the two floor coverings you are trying to join. Quantum Flooring Solutions profiles can join floor coverings from as high as 30mm to 0mm. For more information on picking the correct profile use their easy product selector. Secondly, you need to consider the environment the floor covering joint is going to be installed in, for example is it in a heavy traffic area that is likely to get wet such as a school, in which case use a profile from their Dual Edge Joint Range. If you are joining to floor coverings in a hotel, then perhaps the topline range is more appropriate.

    1 Flexible Bevel Strips and Ramp Trims: Discrete PVC trims that finish off any exposed edges to hard flooring such as lino and vinyl, or thin carpet tiles and carpets. The bevel strips can also be used underneath the floor covering when an increase in thickness is required.
    2 Ramped Edge Joint Covers: A flexible PVC trim to accommodate transitions between floor coverings of differing thickness.
    3 TopLine floor trims: A versatile range of transition trims which can be used to protect joints for a wide range of different floor coverings. A slip resistant PVC surface, co-extruded onto a high impact PVCu clip-in system, provides an attractive yet safe solution. They are easy to install and can be curved by contractors on site.
    4 Cover Joints: A PVC strip installed over joints in a sub-floor to prevent the cracking of hard floor covering.
    5 Dual Edge Joint Covers: Flexible PVC trims to protect the transition joints between carpet tiles or medium duty carpets.

    For more information on transition profiles please visit

    Joining two floor coverings

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