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    Quantum entrance matting products can be maintained using standard carpet cleaning methods. To clean entrance matting, follow these guidelines.

    Initial clean before use

    To begin with clean entrance matting, remove all surface soil, debris, sand and grit. This is done by vacuuming using an upright vacuum with a mechanically driven rotating brush. Then, spot clean if necessary.

    Regular Cleaning

    The frequency of a regular cleaning method will depend on the amount of traffic, soiling type, soiling levels and desired appearance. To remove dry soiling deposits: Vacuum using an upright vacuum with a mechanically driven rotating brush. Make several passes in all directions with the vacuum cleaner to ensure that all loose dirt is removed. Vacuum action should be fast forward and slow backward.

    Spot clean next if necessary. To remove wet soiling deposits: Use a wet vacuum to remove excess moisture in the product. For stubborn spillages and stains, use a hot water spray extraction machine or a 3 in 1 spray and brush machine.

    Periodic Maintenance

    The Regular Cleaning actions above should be used when required to maintain optimum performance and appearance. Matting can stop up to 94% of all dirt and moisture entering a building. The frequency of Periodic Maintenance will depend on the efficiency of the Regular Cleaning actions in relation to the amount of traffic, soiling type and soiling levels experienced at individual entrances or locations.

    Please note: When hot water spray extraction is used, please allow up to 24 hours before use or introduce warm air dryers to reduce the drying time.

    Spot Cleaning

    – Use a dry clean white cloth, apply a neutral pH spot stain removal spray and work on the stain from the outside to the centre. Then, if the stain persists, repeat as necessary. Next, rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow the floor to dry before use.

    -Do not use bleaching agents as these may damage the product and affect the colour.

    Grid matting

    In addition to cleaning the surface of the matting as above, grid matting should also be rolled back periodically. (The frequency of this depends on the level of foot traffic). The mat well should then be brushed to remove soil and dirt that has fallen through the grid.

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