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    Can you curve QWood?


    QWood beads are timber composite profiles for windows and doors. It has many benefits over traditional timber, as it does not rot or warp, and waste is minimised. One of the other benefits of QWood is that it can be curved to fit specific arches.


    Many QWood customers curve the profiles for their projects. This is normally done for arched windows. QWood will start to become malleable at temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius. At this point, the profiles should be able to be manipulated into a curved arch.


    How to curve QWood


    To heat QWood to above the 60 degrees Celsius point, most customers use a hot water bath. This will slowly heat the profiles, and is generally agreed to be the best method to curve QWood. Moisture will not penetrate the profile because it is a timber composite.


    After warming the bead in a hot water bath, bend it around the frame arch and pin it down as you go. The orientation of the bead has to be kept identical so that you don’t lose compression on the gasket against the glass and shorter, but more clips should ensure a tight fit.


    Other Heating Options


    Slow hot air, like in a paint process for drying, might work too. You can leave the bead in there for a while, and it should become similarly malleable to the way it does in a hot bath. Then, simply follow the same process as above.


    A heat gun is not a great way to heat QWood for curving. It will put too much localised heat on the beads which can lead them to blister.

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