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    You can curve topline transition profiles with PVCu bases (QVB1, QVB2 or QVB3) can be curved on site down to a radius of approximately 750 mm depending on site conditions.

    Fix the base

    First mark out the curve on the sub-floor then screw fix or pin one end of the transition base (QVB1, QVB2 or QVB3) to one end of the curve and carefully form it around the desired shape. Screw fix or pin at regular intervals to hold the curved base up to the end.

    Clip in the top

    Once the base is in position, finish and trim the adjoining floor coverings up to its edge. The Topline top can then be clipped into place, again by starting at one end and tapping it into the base using a rubber mallet. Tap the top into the base in this manner all along the curve, ensuring that it covers the adjoining floor coverings correctly, and that it is firmly in position so that it does not ‘rock.’

    Note: For tight curves it can help if a hot air gun is used to gently blow hot air onto portion to be curved. Care should be taken not to overheat the material as this can distort the profiles.


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