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    Fire Rating of Aluminium and uPVC Stair Nosings                                                      

    Quantum Flooring Solutions does not offer a specific fire rated classification for aluminium or uPVC Stair Nosings since the products are applied and fitted in so many different configurations in site conditions over which Quantum Flooring Solutions as the manufacturer has no control. Different adhesives and wall and floor substrates dictate that it is not possible to give a blanket fire classification of the products in situ.

    Quantum Flooring Solutions can however confirm that the materials involved in the manufacture of these products have the following characteristics:

    1. The base polymer, namely PVC used in the formulation to manufacture the tread material and uPVC carriers is classified as a material that will not support combustion and is self- extinguishing when the heat source is removed after a short period.   In addition to this, PVC tends to carbonise forming a char which inhibits the spread of flame. This statement applies principally to un-plasticised PVC (PVC-u), since the addition of plasticisers does have a detrimental effect on the fire resistance of the product.
    2. Aluminium Stair Nosing carrier is a metal with a melting point of……deg. C.

    All Stair Nosings when installed form part of a stair. If a specific fire test result is needed then a mock-up of the stair (substrate, floorcovering, adhesives, and stair nosings etc.) would be required to establish a fire integrity rating. However, with the above characteristics, installed stair nosings do not readily support combustion if a heat source is removed.


    Variable site conditions, over which there is no control by the manufacturer, dictate that it is not possible for manufacturers of flooring accessory products such as Quantum Flooring Solutions to give any form of blanket warranty. The products of Quantum Flooring Solutions are always applied in conjunction with other materials (e.g. adhesives, different floorcoverings etc.).

    Quantum Flooring Solutions does however warrant that all its products leaving the factory in Oldham, Lancashire are fit for purpose, so long as they are fitted strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. It is also confirmed that they have been produced in accordance with UK quality procedures as set out under an ISO 9001:2018 accreditation. For further information please e-mail [email protected]

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