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    Sam O’Sullivan

    How to fit a Stair Nosing

    You should fit stair nosings from the top step of a staircase, working your way down the steps. Each stair nosing should be numbered by the distributer, with the top step of the staircase as number 1 to reflect this. When fitting a stair nosing, the first thing to do is to check that the step width is the same measurement as the cut stair nosing. You should trim the stair nosing if required.

    Next, you should prepare the surface of the step edge. This should be clean, smooth and free of any debris or loose material. This will affix the stair nosing safely and firmly to the step. After this, your approach depends on whether you are fitting with just contact adhesive, or if you are using a drill to attach the stair nosing with screws.

    Fitting with Adhesive

    Apply a contact adhesive, such as Q-Fix, to the profile in two 5mm wide beads. Double channel stair nosing will require a third adhesive bead 10mm from the inside edge.  Apply the first 5mm wide bead 5mm from the edge of the profile on the underside of the tread surface. Next, apply the second bead approximately down the middle of the same surface. As Q-Fix creates an extra strong bond, no drilling or screws are necessary.

    Next, turn the nosing over and place the leading edge slightly over the edge of the step. Simultaneously slide the nosing down and in to position so that the adhesive is distributed from front to back as it goes into place. This will ensure a firm and even bond between the stair nosing and the step. Q-Fix creates a fast-acting bond, so you should be able to open foot traffic on the staircase an hour after fixing, after checking the bond is secure. Other adhesives may require a longer curing time.

    Standard Fixing

    This applies to fixing stair nosings with screws. The recommend type of screw for this are 1 inch no.6 screws. Fit the riser floorcovering first if applicable. Mark the screw locations on the tread, then drill the screw holes. Apply a cartridge adhesive to the underside of the tread as described above. Affix the stair nosing and press down, then screw into position. Fill in the drill holes in the tread material with the plugs provided. Finally, fit the floorcovering to the top of the step if needed.

    Secret Fixing

    This type of fixing is appropriate if you don’t want to use plugs for the drill holes, as plugs can be kicked loose and lost over time. You will have lengths of tread unattached to the profile to begin with. Follow the standard fixing instructions so that the profile is screwed on to the step. Trim the tread material to the length of the stair nosing. Next, remove the release paper from the adhesive in the channel of the profile. Starting at one end, carefully roll the tread material into the channel to expel air. Trim the end of the tread material if necessary. Finally, apply pressure to the tread using a hand roller to ensure an adequate bond.

    All of this advice applies to stair nosing and adhesive supplied by Quantum Flooring Solutions. For any further information, contact Quantum at [email protected] .


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