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    Quantum Flooring Solutions, as a leading UK supplier of Stair Nosings, PVC Accessories and Floor Trims, has just introduced a new larger Cove Former to support floorcoverings when they need to be curved over wider gaps at floor and wall junctions. However, Quantum Flooring is offering more than just a new Cove Former – they provide a complete choice, with one of the widest ranges of flooring accessories on the market. The Quantum Floorings approach is to ensure that Flooring Contractors get the best value at all times. Best value means excellent service, quality products that do the job – all at competitive prices (no restrictive loyalty schemes)
    that help them complete a professional contract, on time and profitably.

    Quantum Flooring offers products that provide solutions to the latest Building Regulation and British Standard guidelines all manufactured to ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards. REACH legislation is complied with, and expert technical support and information is available at all times, which is always useful when Flooring Contractors are dealing with a Main Contractor or Architect. Quantum Flooring warrants that every product that leaves the factory is of the highest quality. Quantum Flooring are nonaligned and  will always point Contractors in the direction of a range of adhesive manufacturers, giving Contractors the choice to use the adhesive supplier they want.
    “Quantum Flooring is a company that believes in the importance of supporting Contractors and developing relationships. We hope the fact that we offer the widest range of PVC profiles, including Floormitres, goes a long way towards making Contractors lives easier” said Steve Kean, Sales Director of Quantum Flooring Solutions. Quantum Flooring offers over 150 different flooring profiles in their standard range. They are designed to suit all applications in every market sector; including schools, offices, hospitals, local authority buildings and shared accommodation. Their new website has been created to ensure that the right profile is selected for the right project – every time! For more information visit http://www.quantumflooring.co.uk or call 0161 627 4222


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