How do I specify the correct Stair Nosing (Stair edging)?

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    How do I specify the correct Stair Nosing (Stair edging)?

    In order to select the correct Stair Nosing for a staircase the following questions need to be answered:

    1 What floor covering is being installed?
    This will determine the gauge of the Stair Nosing to be used. A 2mm vinyl or lino floor covering requires a slimmer gauge Stair Nosing (S Range) and a 7mm carpet or carpet tile will require a heavy duty Stair Nosing (H Range). If there is no a floor covering installed select a ramped back nosing, the product code for such a nosing will end with an ‘R’ for ramp backed.

    2 What shape is the step on the stairway?
    To narrow down the choice further the shape or profile of the nose of the steps should be identified. The main choices are Flat (Straight), Rake and Bullnose. After the range code (i.e. H or S) the following letter will show if the Stair Nosings is Flat (F), Raked (R) or Bull Nosed (B). There is also a Chevron (C) option, which is a universal profile that will fit on most step types.

    3 What tread style of Stair Nosing is required?
    There are three tread options from which to choose:
    Standard Single Channel: This is the industry standard all-purpose format used in light to medium foot traffic conditions.
    Double Channel: Heavily trafficked stairs with wide goings can be made safe with this option. The stair nosing dimensions are greater than guidelines set out in Building Regulations, however, the main criteria should be that there is a ladder effect created on the stairs.
    All Over Tread: This is the format (specified in IP15/03) is where the tread material extends across the full tread surface of the stair nosing, which provides improved slip-resistant foot contact (particularly in decent). The Quantum Flooring Solutions Q Range of stair nosing have a patented design (GB2479135B) that meets the guidelines.

    4 What kind of environment is the Stair Nosing going to be installed in?
    Quantum Flooring Solutions offers tread materials for every environment.
    Standard Grip: A specially formulated grade of PVC with good slip resistance and long wear characteristic used for internal applications.
    Ultra Grip: A hard wearing low slip potential tread that can be installed internally or externally. Ultra Grip works well in both wet and dry areas, for example entrances to schools or hospitals.
    EcoGlo: A heavy duty silicon carbide material with good slip resistance qualities. Internal use is an option, however it is ideally suited for external applications, and it is also available with a photoluminescent choice, which gives visibility to steps in darkened environments.

    5 Does the stairway need to meet best practice guidelines?
    If you need a Stair Nosing to meet the guidelines laid out in this section ‘Stairway Specification and Building Regulations’ look out for the Building Regulations Best Practice logo throughout this guide for stair nosing that meet the guidelines.

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