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    How do you work with Qwood?

    Use Straight Out of Box
    Qwood is a complete ‘out of the box solution’. The moment Qwood arrives it is ready to use. There is no need to extract moisture, treat, acclimatise or condition before using. Qwood removes labour intensive inspection and sorting.

    Reduce Preparation Times
    Use ‘it all’ straight out of the box; Qwood is consistent – every piece, every time. No knots, no defects, no bends. Qwood is highly resistant to changes in temperature with minimal moisture absorption. Eliminate time consuming manual tasks such as sanding, de-nibbing, machining and preparation that are currently associated with timber beads.

    Enhance Production and Processing
    Qwood offers the industry a product that improves and enhances the flow of product through the joinery process. Consistently straight Qwood can be used with traditional joinery tools, its unique properties improve production with no knots or imperfections.
    Qwood can be:
    » Cut, mitred, lap jointed just like you do with timber
    » Nailed and pinned  just like you do with timber
    » Glued and taped  just like you do with timber
    » Shaped for use on arched or round windows
    Qwood reduces processing and has a significant positive effect on production times, storage,
    sorting and waste.

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